A Company Built on Quality

Our People. Our Process. Our Product. Quality in Everything

Every aspect of our company is built on quality, and it all starts with our people. Regardless of position, role or job title, our team is the foundation of every project that we do at Buquet & LeBlanc. Backed by 80 years of experience doing work the right way, our team has a deep understanding of what it takes to do good work. We’ve refined our processes through the years and threaded that essence throughout everything that we do. By focusing on doing things right, we’re proud of the company we are, and we’ve cultivated relationships that have lasted for generations.

Quality Across the Country

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Safety is the Standard Every Project. Every Single Time.

Whatever the project parameters, doing the work safely is our highest priority. The most important thing that we do is get everyone home safe at the end of the day. We’re continually marching toward our goal of becoming a completely injury-free workplace as we place people first through our focused health and safety initiative. While our industry and the world around us continues to change, we’re continually changing and adapting our initiatives to provide the best and safest possible work environment for our employees.

We’ve Perfected our Process

With 80 years in the business, we’ve learned a thing or two about doing quality work. It’s what we’ve hung our hat on since day one, and it’s what we continue to place at the forefront of every job that we take. By doing a job right - not just to completion, we’ve built a reputation across the country for consistently providing fair, quality work. To ensure that our quality never wavers, our full-time quality assurance officer works tirelessly to propel our team and our projects beyond standard and beyond expectations. Every project provides a new opportunity for learning and experience to continually refine our process and become the best we can possibly be.

Baton Rouge’s Oldest Active General Contractor

Buquet & Leblanc is Baton Rouge’s oldest active general contractor. Our contractor's license is a double digit number — that’s how long we’ve been in business. Since our founding in 1945, we’ve continued to build on our reputation of quality, integrity and dependability that has led to ours and our clients’ successes over the last 80 years. Al Buquet and Elegie LeBlanc, the company’s original founders, worked tirelessly to earn the respect and admiration of our clients and our community and instill that essence into the company that can still be felt to this day. All these years later, our company has evolved alongside the needs of modern business, but still holds those values and beliefs at the center of everything that we do. In early 2016, Rob Liles and Jake Mayo became President and Vice President, taking over as fourth generation, non-family leadership. Under their supervision, Buquet & LeBlanc is focused on continuing to provide quality service to clients and career opportunities for our team as we work every day to deliver our very best.

Let’s build something special