Our Project Manager will head the Buquet & LeBlanc construction team assigned to your project. The jobsite superintendent will report directly to the Project Manager. The Superintendent will be responsible for the day-to-day management and supervision of all work conducted at the jobsite. He will also be responsible for ensuring that all work is executed in accordance with the plans and specifications.

The Project Manager will have oversight responsibilities for all aspects of the project with particular emphasis on the management of the relationships among the project team. He will organize and conduct regularly scheduled progress meetings, coordination meetings and pre-installation meetings, including documentation of all meetings. Review and transmittal of technical data submittals will be managed by our Project Manager with support from home office staff personnel. All RFIs and Change Orders will be managed by the Project Manager.

Schedule compliance will be a critical part of the duties of the Project Manager. In addition to the master project schedule, short duration “look ahead” schedules will be utilized to add more immediate accountability for schedule compliance. Job progress relative to the schedule is reviewed at the project meetings and performance challenges are addressed when necessary.

Other extremely important members of the construction team are the QA officer, Gary Noel, and the Safety Officer, Bob Lemoine. Each will conduct regular site visits and will document the status of their respective areas of responsibility. 

The construction team assigned to each project is committed to delivering quality service to every level of this phase.  Service is customized and tailored to each Owner's need and requirements, and to accommodate projects of varying scopes and complexity.

Utilizing the multi-faceted team approach to the construction process, the Buquet & LeBlanc team creates a jobsite environment conducive to achieving the goals of the project team:

  • A safe jobsite and work environment
  • Attention to detail 
  • Delivering quality at every level on the site
  • On time completion
  • Adherence to budget
  • Proper execution of the plans and specifications