Quality, value and performance are judged by our customers. In order to meet and exceed the high standards our customers have come to expect from us, we need to continually build our knowledge, capabilities and innovative ability. What we learn is not only directed toward better products and services, but also towards being more responsive, adaptive, innovative and efficient.

Our full time Quality Assurance Officer devotes all of his time to this process. He not only manages the program, but also spends much of his time at the project sites. He sets the high expectations for reducing defects and errors, and encourages all employees to contribute, develop, and learn.

Some of the items included in the program are:

  • Problem solving with architects and engineers before and during construction.
  • Weekly inspections of each project by the Quality Assurance Officer.
  • Photos and a report on inspections are given to the principal owners of Buquet & LeBlanc, Inc., project superintendent, project manager and subcontractors.
  • Organizing and disseminating the latest technical knowledge to our key personnel through a centralized knowledge base.
  • Continuing education programs for the jobsite personnel.